CoDiNA paper accepted

Our paper about CoDiNA, a method for comparing coexpression networks, has been accepted for publication by PLoS One. To our knowledge, it is the first method that allows for a comparison of transcriptome-wide networks and of as many networks as you wish. It can be applied to a diverse range of research questions, for instance to comparing coexpression networks, gene regulatory networks, abundance networks, and other types of networks. Networks can be compared between cell-types, tissues, species, or time-points, among others. Just let your imagination play. You will get as output information on which links are conserved across the networks you compare and which links have changed, either by being present in only a subset of networks or by having changed in their sign in some networks. Further, nodes are classified as conserved, specific or diverged between networks.

The development of CoDiNA was a big collaborative effort with most contributions from Eivind Almaas and Deisy Gysi. CoDiNA is implemented as an R package.

Gysi, D.M., Fragoso, T. de M., Zebardast, F., Bertoli, W., Busskamp, V., Almaas, E., and Nowick, K. (2020) CoDiNA: an R Package for Co-expression Differential Network Analysis in n Dimensions, PLoS One, 2020

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